Make informed rate decisions. Daily.

A cloud based revenue management software that combines compset analytics, consumer driven metrics, and your performance goals to produce rates that value the individual uniqueness of independent properties.

Independent hotel operators rejoice? Data Driven Revenue Management.

As an owner or operator of an independent hotel, you set out to create a unique and memorable experience for your guests.  You craft cozy guest rooms, fun and inviting lobbies, and are cultivating a fresh and new experience cookie-cutter hotel brands cannot mimic.  Innskeeper was designed with you in mind — so you can keep providing that unique guest experience, but not miss out on revenue opportunities.

Helping you achieve your goals.

Even when your occupancy levels are high, and your independent hotel receives high guest reviews, it can still be hard to answer one question: Is my room rate an appropriate reflection of the quality of my hotel?   Innskeeper’s Rate Recommendation Tool can help. With rate recommendation forecasts up to 90 days in the future, we can help you achieve the maximum room rate your hotel product can earn.

Customized. For your hotel.

Your independent hotel offers a unique experience for your guests. Innskeeper’s Rate Recommendation Tool offers unique advice for you.  Our rate recommendation factors in your business goals, real-time rates of your competitors, and the benchmark value of your bespoke property.

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